Frequently Asked questions


Ambulance Operation
The following guide (PDF), is a handbook with detailed information on the main functions of the system’s drive. It is important to read these documents before operating and using the vehicle.

Manual de MantenimientoD.pdf


Assembly process

For better efficiency of our production and according to the demand, we have implemented a working system based on Toyota’s methodology (TPS), which allows us to have a constant flow of production, resulting in delivering in a timely manner. The system is based on an assembly process divided by cells or workstations to allow optimal flow of units. On average a unit is assembled in 25 hours.

When are the AMBULANCE units delivered?

Delivery terms
We understand the need for on time delivery, Ambumedic® makes every effort to have your order as soon as possible. The estimated time to develop the unit can vary according to different factors such as our suppliers among many others. It will also influence the amount of units you order and our queue of orders in place. We assure you that we will be in constant communication with you to notify the progress and to deliver in a timely manner with the production process of your order.

What is included in the warranty?

The warranty of our equipment is for two years or forty thousand kilometers (whichever comes first) from the delivery of the units.
The security of the drive unit is the same as given by the assembly plant.
The warranty of medical equipment is the same that is given by the supplier.
The warranty does not cover electrical parts or consequential damages.
The warranty is void if the unit is intervened by someone outside our company without prior written consent.

Who can I contact, in case my Ambulance Unit malfunctions?

Post-sales service
If you have a failure in the unit, please call our post-sales service Grupo El Dorado®, with 24/7 customer care service.
Cel. MX.+52 1 33-14002863


Sales area
To purchase one of our units, please contact the sales area Grupo El Dorado®
Tel. +52 - 33 3144 99 09


It is recommended:
The use of seat belts for all passengers.
Knowledge of the healthcare compartment to maneuver properly.
Drive within the speed limits set by the authority.
Check brakes and electrical systems as well as maintain the unit with the services indicated in the operation manual of the unit.

What MAINTENANCE services do you offer?

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance of the electrical system, oxygen system, replacement of vehicle accessories, lost keys, among others.

Where can the Ambulance operate?

Ambulances are appropriate for urban and suburban areas. We recommend avoiding flooded areas. For rough places we recommend using a 4X4 unit.

What precautions should I take before operating an Ambulance

Before using the ambulance you should consider:
That oxygen tank levels are correct.
Medical equipment is secured for easy handling and transportation.
Check that the operation of the lights and turret are correct.
Daily check the cleaning of the vehicle, oil levels, tire pressure, etc.

How do I maintain my Ambulance in perfect condition?

For better preservation of the Ambulance we recommend a series of elements that will help preserve the vehicle:
➢ Read and verify the operations manual.
➢ Check the charging voltage of the auxiliary battery.
➢ When the unit is not in use, switch off the master switch as well as the interior switches, to avoid loss of power.
➢ It is recommended to clean and wash the unit without abrasives that can damage the unit.
➢ Remember to check the pressure of the oxygen tank.
➢ In case a failure is detected, immediately report to the customer service.